‘S’ for “Super Family”

As I said in my previous post, I met the most amazing family last week. I finally have a few sneaks for them and the pictures just speak volumes to the love in that house (and not because of the photographer)!

Here are a few of my faves. They are not fully edited, but this beautiful family doesn’t really need to be edited at all. 🙂

I took a few shots while waiting for all of the kids to finish getting ready. Just clowning around…

Everyone was framed by everyone else. 🙂

LOVE this smile! He just lit up when I asked to actually hit the drum.

Still so in love…

‘S’ Family Sandwich

Eskimo kisses are pretty much the best ever!

“I’m Batman”


Sonya and Russell, thank you so much for having me into your home, for sharing your beautiful family with me, and for strengthening my faith with your example.


2 Responses

  1. Carol! I love them!! We had a wonderful time and so appreciate you taking the time to come out to see our family. It was fun!!

  2. What a cute family with so many smiles! The photos are great, Carol Anne.

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