Family fun

I had one of the best afternoons yesterday! Not only did I get to shoot a great family, but I saw love in action. A true and deep love that comes from a family formed by the Creator — a family formed across city, state and country borders. I spent the afternoon with the Schweighardt family.

This is a truly remarkable, Godly family. They have 11 children. Would you like to take a minute and re-read that line just to make sure you saw it correctly? Eleven. Some are biological and some are (as Sonya says) born in their hearts. Make no mistake, though, they are each Sonya and Russell’s children.

I will have some previews up soon, but in the meantime, November is national adoption month. Take a trip over to the Schweighardt’s blog and show ’em some love. They are trying to adopt another child from Liberia and the government is making it extremely difficult (the Liberian government, that is). They are trying to raise money to help with the legal fees needed to complete the adoption. You can also listen to their interview that originally air last week on 106.9 The Light and see them on Oprah!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. Enjoy your turkey and family time!


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